How To Deal With Skin Allergies

Whenever there is a foreign substance that is present inside your body, your immune system will be activated. This will protect you from bacteria and toxins. Allergic reactions are basically overreactions to some harmless substances, what we normally refer to as allergens. Unfortunately, almost anything can be allergen for the human body. This includes medication, food, plants, dust, pollen and even animal dander. Some reactions can lead towards skin allergies, breathing difficulty and a lot more.

Professional dermatologists at highlight that allergies are much more common than what most people believe. Statistics show that around 50 million US citizens currently have allergies. In fact, allergy stands out as the fifth common chronic disease in USA. Around 17 million individuals end up in the hospital annually as they have problems with a skin allergy.

Skin allergy reaction depends on immune system response. However, most of the reactions will be minor. Common skin allergies include blistering, redness, swelling, rashes, irritation and itching. Hives or eruptions are also common and allergic reactions can be treated with the use of over the counter drugs. However, prescriptions are usually necessary, especially when faced with really severe skin allergies. If the allergy is severe, treatment is needed as soon as possible.

Over the counter drugs that can be used to tread skin allergies include Allegra and Claritin, which are oral antihistamines. Alternatively, Benadryl is used but that can have a negative impact on concentration while also impairing the capability of the patient to drive. Anti inflammatory steroid based creams like Hydrocortisone are useful with skin rashes. If severe allergies appear, Epi-Pen are recommended.

One of the best possible ways to deal with skin allergies is to prevent them from happening. Prevention is always a lot better than dealing with allergic outbreaks. You basically have to avoid the triggers. In the event that they are not obvious, you will need to go to the doctor so that you would get tested as soon as possible. Doctors will consider the substances that the body is in contact with in a short time before the allergy develops. You have to understand that some individuals are actually allergic to very common makeup ingredients or substances used in laundry detergent. Even severe allergic reactions to a fabric softener can appear and that would make the entire body negatively affected.

As soon as your skin allergy triggers will be identified, everything becomes a whole lot easier. You will find it really easy to avoid the future reactions. There is a really high possibility that you will need to start buying foods and skin care products that are hypoallergenic or fragrance free in order to avoid some of the triggers. For some individuals the solution is as simple as using organic products instead of the really common brands.

On the whole, it has to be said that skin allergies can be dealt with if you just know exactly what to do. Learn as much as you can about the topic and do consult with a highly experienced medic in order to be highly successful.

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