Gene Manipulation May Help People Recover from Alcohol Addiction

There are already several methods that are commonly used to help people detoxify and recover from an addiction to alcohol, but new research has proven that gene manipulation may be a new form of therapy that can be offered to addicts who want to become sober. Continue reading to learn more about this important study and its incredible results.

The Rsu1 Gene and Its Potential

A new study that was conducted using “drunk” fruit flies shows promise in the field of addiction recovery. Researchers that were involved in this study found that there’s a gene responsible for both stimulating and perpetuating the disorders associated with alcohol abuse. Fruit flies have this gene, but so do humans. It’s called the Rsu1 gene.

What the Study Results Mean

After this study was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists, it prompted a lot of talk about the potential to further explore this gene in people and use it to help them completely overcome their addiction to alcohol.

This is because the study proved that, whenever this gene was actually inhibited, the fruit flies had a lowered sensitivity to the alcohol that they ingested. And when the same theory was tested on over 1,000 people, researchers also noted that this gene could effectively reduce a person’s craving for alcohol.

What are the Next Steps?

Now that the study results have been revealed and they show a lot of promise in the world of alcohol addiction recovery, what are the next steps that researchers are going to take, and how will addicts be affected?

Well, first off, researchers need to begin to really understand the Rsu1 gene more clearly. They plan on looking at the gene’s molecular function in order to determine what, exactly, it’s actually doing inside the human brain.

What’s already known is that Rsu1 is associated with a sort of reward system, so it can potentially be a target for treating addiction to alcohol. By simply altering the reward anticipation within the brain, researchers may be able to more easily modify behaviors that are related to alcohol addiction.

In the Meantime…

Until researchers know more about the Rsu1 gene and how it can be used in a precise and effective manner to help people overcome their addictions, you can rest assured that there are still plenty of options that you can use to kick your harmful habit.

For example, you can spend time in alcohol rehab, working with professionals like those at who can help you detoxify completely. And you can also employ a more holistic approach to your recovery by incorporating natural supplements, meditation, exercise, and treatments like acupuncture that will make the detox process an easier one to get through.

Alcohol addiction is a serious issue, so if you or someone you know suffers from it, it’s time to get the help necessary to kick the habit to the curb and finally regain control. With so many support systems out there, there is no reason why you shouldn’t seek out the help you need.

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