Training for a Bicycle Tour

Thinking of hitting the road for a long distance bicycle tour? Then you need to get serious about your riding and set up a training schedule to get you to your goal. In the months leading up to the tour, you need to have at least three weekly rides in, preferably more. Setting up at least one back-to-back ride each week is a good idea as bicycle tours that extend multiple days will require you to ride consecutively and you want to have plenty of similar riding under your belt.

While pedaling away might seem like the most logical way to train, it certainly is not the only physical activity you need to integrate into your training. On the days in between your rides, engage in a minimum of half an hour of cross-training, doing this about twice a week. Going on a run is a great cardio option, although swimming allows you to work out your cardiopulmonary system in a low impact manner, which is beneficial to you if you wish to give your joints a break. Incorporate core exercises, which help when riding. Weight lifting is a great addition to your schedule to increase strength, but once a week is sufficient to ensure you don’t overdo it. Learn more about how to train for a bike tour by checking out the following infographic.

Psyched for Cycling: Preparing for a Bike Tour | Bicycle Adventures Infographic
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