A Parent’s Short Guide for Dealing with Teenagers

Change is the one thing constant in this world and that is made more obvious when your child reaches his teenage years. Gone are the days when he is paying attention 24/7, and may even break the rules now and then. Well you need not panic. Instead, you have to understand, nurture, and follow the short guide for dealing with your kid.

Stop the Cop Approach

Where are you going? Who are you with? These are the questions that most parents ask. While it is completely normal for you to worry, do not be overly suspicious of your child. He is not a criminal. He is undergoing a hormonal and behavioral change that needs to be understood by you.

Let Your Kid Be His Own Person

Your child is not you. He will have his own interest, wants, and needs. Just because you do not approve of his decisions does not mean that you should overstep your boundaries, unless of course he is harming himself in the process. Only then should you say stop and interfere.

Discuss and Enforce Consequences

Once you have set the rule and he breaks it, disciplinary measures should be enforced. This is not about hurting your child, but allowing him to deal with the consequences of his actions. Set ground rules for him to follow. And also, be a good example.

Learn To Communicate

Teenagers have a lot on their minds. They worry about image, their confidence, and so many other factors. As a parent, you need to learn how to communicate so they will tell you what is bothering them.

Bond with Your Kid

Sometimes what your child needs is to simply spend time with you. A lot of things can be resolved with this, not to mention the awkwardness will disappear if you just put him first before work.

You have been a teenager once. It wasn’t so easy right? That is why you shouldn’t be so hard on your child. Rather than punishing him, you can try to understand and listen. Only then will he open up to you.

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