Yoga in Partnership with Addiction Recovery

Addiction takes many forms. It can be a longtime struggle with food, chemicals, behavior, and drug dependence. While a person can be addicted to different things, it all leads to the downward spiral of his life. For those who are learning to recover from addiction, yoga has proven to be a good means of rediscovering yourself. With that said get your yoga mats and learn how this practice can help you. How yoga helps with recovery:

1. It Calms the Mind

People who practices yoga are no stranger from breathing exercises. This can help relax not only the body, but the mind as well. It allows the person to focus and calm down, and this in turn reduces stress and anxiety. When the mind is still, acceptance is easier. A recovering addict will have better chances of connecting with himself and moving on when he practices yoga regularly.

2. It Gives Balance to the Body

The stress hormones in the body which are adrenaline and cortisol are vital in keeping anxiety at bay. Yoga has the ability to balance the two, creating a good reaction in the body. Because stress and anxiety plays a huge role in addiction, ensuring that everything is balanced will keep a recovering addict from relapsing.

Another factor you have to consider is yoga is a good form of exercise. Any type of workout elevates the serotonin levels in the body, which in turn improves the mood, as well as the confidence of a person. When the confidence of a recovering addict is increased, he will have a higher chance of avoiding relapse.

3. It Affects the Spirituality

Yogi’s would often say that yoga is a very spiritual practice. And believing in something greater and higher than you allows you to strive for something better and focus on positive things. Both the recovering addict and his family can benefit from both.

Yoga is great for the overall health. It affects the mind, body, and gives happiness. But keep in mind that this is not only advantageous to those recovering from addiction, but to everyone who wishes to attain inner peace.

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