Three Ways Your Firm Can Benefit from Corporate Wellness

A corporate wellness company offers a variety of services that are aimed at bringing down the cost of health care for your company. This is done in a variety of ways, and the result is a positive return on investment for your firm’s time and expense of paying for the program. The following are examples of three of these services that can be included in a comprehensive program specifically designed for your firm.

They can provide health screening tests

A corporate wellness company will offer a wide range of screening tests that will catch health issues with your employees before they develop into more complicated and expensive medical issues. Early treatment for many health issues is one of the most effective ways to keep health costs down. Examples of medical issues that can be screened for include type 2 diabetes, blood pressure problems and issues related to cholesterol. Certain types of cancer can be successfully screened for, such as prostate, skin and thyroid cancer.

They can provide a health risk assessment

This is a big first step in assisting your employees in becoming healthier. It is important to know the state of health of your workers, and the direction their health is moving in. Knowing what the risks are to their future health, based upon today’s behavior, provides the information needed to formulate a personal wellness strategy. Through a combination of diet, exercise and medication, your employees can take a different direction today to reduce the risks to their health tomorrow.

They can provide coaching for your employees

It is easy to be told in a 30 second instruction by a doctor what a person needs to do in order to get healthier, but what is most effective is coaching. In most situations, it is a lifestyle change that is needed. This is true for a diet, exercise program or an attempt to lose weight. Shedding pounds is the best way to increase your long-term health, and it is with the aid of a coach that it is most likely to be obtained. You will be surprised at the weight loss your employees can experience with proper guidance.

There are several companies that provide these types of wellness services to business in the country as well as government and non-profit organizations. One example of this type of company is Wellness Corporate Solutions. The WCS provides their services to organizations large and small.

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