Prevent Your Pet From Getting Poisoned

If you have a cat or a dog you are probably very vigilant about keeping them safe. One thing that many pet owners often forget about is that many common household items can cause sickness or even death if ingested by your pet. Keep in mind that the following items can poison your pet, so make sure to keep them locked up and inaccessible to your furry friends.

Prescription Drugs

While those bottles of medication that you have may be beneficial for you, they are not good for your pet. The combination of biting into sharp plastic and ingesting strong meds can lead to many serious issues.

Household Plants

Plants both inside the house and out in the yard can cause severe stomach and digestive problems for your pet. While your cat or dog may like to chew on the leaves or flowers, many plants are not good for them. English Ivies, Easter Lilies, Daffodils, Poinsettias, and Oak trees are just a handful of plants that are dangerous for your pet.


Common household cleaning products often contain bleach and other toxic chemicals that are harmful for your pet’s digestive system. As you would for your young children, keep them locked up and out of the way so that they are not able to be reached by curious pets.


There are certain types of food that, while safe for human consumption, can be detrimental to your pet’s health. Chocolate is especially bad, as it contains a substance similar to caffeine that can cause extreme thirst and panting in dogs. In general dark chocolate can be life threatening, although milder milk varieties are also problematic.

Certain types of nuts, such as macadamia nuts, can also make your pet feel ill. In addition, keep dogs away from mints and gum that contain the sugar substitute xylitol. This substance can quickly lead to hypoglycemia in dogs which can eventually result in death.

Rat Traps

Traps set for rats or other rodents usually contain poison that will also be harmful for your pet. If you have rodent issues, find a more natural way to get rid of them so that your cat and dog stay safe.


It is pretty in color and pets seem to think it is candy. The truth is that it is not, and it can cause disastrous results. Make sure to keep antifreeze and other car chemicals out of reach from your pet.

Even when you are keeping a close watch over what your pet is eating, mistakes and accidents can occur. If your pet ends up ingesting a potential poisonous substance and is vomiting or acting especially sluggish, get a hold of an emergency vet right away.

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