Do You Need Severe Sunburn Treatment?

One thing that many do not know is that sunburns can have 3 degrees. The really dangerous ones do need severe sunburn treatment. Everything is basically connected to the symptoms that appear. This is what helps you to figure out what sunburn degree you have. Let us talk about all the 3 degrees so that you can easily see if you need to talk with doctors really fast for special treatments. The good news is that in most cases you just need to use some sunburn home remedies. Alternatively, some sunburn treatment options will be available at dermatology clinics like

First Degree Sunburns

Mild sunburn cases appear for everyone all around the year. In this case you experience pain and red skin. However, not much swelling or water blisters can appear. If this is what happens, cool showers at low pressure or cool baths will help out a lot. At the same time, aloe based jell or lotions would help a lot. Peeling can easily appear. In this situation, you need to apply skin moisturizer or opt for TLC treatment. If pain medication is necessary, you can take ibuprofen or aspirin.

Second Degree Sunburns

Obviously, these are a lot more serious than the first degree sunburns. However, you can still treat them at home and there is no need to take advantage of professional help. Second degree sunburns can lead to pain, red skin, painful and quite unsightly water blisters.

Whenever you discover the second degree sunburns you need to take a cool oatmeal bath or enjoy a low pressure shower. Cool compresses can also help you. If you use them, do be sure that soft material is used. Try to get aloe based lotions or moisturizers that are plan extract. Never apply butter or products that are petroleum based. They will always clog skin pores and make the heat go down. Infection can appear. Never pop the blisters as they actually help to prevent infection and do act as a useful protective layer. Peel skin carefully and never peel back a larger potion than what is ready to be removed.

OTC pain medication like Advil, Motrin, aspirin or ibuprofen can be taken to deal with the pain you will feel. Medication can be taken until pain recedes.

Third Degree Burns

Obviously, these are the most severe burn types. Immediate medical attention is necessary. We are talking about sunburns that always bring in the need to go through severe sunburn treatment. You can so easily notice them due to the fact that you will feel swelling, redness, skin tightness, pain and blisters that are larger than 2 inches. White skin patches can appear in the area that is affected.

When the sunburn does cover a larger body part and blisters appear, although they may be smaller than 2 inches in diameter, severe pain is felt and you have high fever, you have to go to a doctor. The same thing happens in the event that the sunburn did not improve in a few days. Whenever you suspect third degree burns, do not delay treatment.

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