Bathroom Falls: A Thing Of The Past

As an elderly, or perhaps a relative of one, there is one such scenario that you want to prevent when inside the bathroom, and that is falls or slippage. Because the elderly is prone to such occurrences, it is important to be on your guard at all times. But what if the senior is alone with no assistance? Then you have to make sure to apply the property safety precautions inside the bath, and here they are.

Use a Different Kind of Tub

The walk-in bath is the most appropriate type of shower or tub to stop falls in its tracks. With the typical one, the elderly has to raise his foot several inches to get inside the bath. Not only is it a slippage magnet, it is also hard for the elderly to do, especially when suffering from arthritis and a bad back. With the walk-in tub, there is a preinstalled opening on the side, eliminating the need to step in.

You can always modify your existing tub, but there are companies out there that sell highly advanced walk-in tubs that are more comfortable to use and operate. Some doors can be swung outward or inward, depending on the need and habit of the senior, and this gives them the much needed comfort and independence when bathing.

Installations Needed:

Grab Bars- Instead of grasping anything in the bathroom, a grab bar can provide better security and assistance to the elderly. This can be installed almost anywhere inside the area, especially those places where he or she needs to maneuver. A good example is near the toilet bowl or the bathtub.

Mats That Are Non-Slip- Because eliminating this inside the bathroom is not an option, you can get a safer non-slip mat instead. Also, do not forget to obtain one in the right size. This is not really an installation, but something that will still benefit the elderly.

Proper Lighting- Stumbling in the dark, especially at night makes you a fall magnet. With that said, take extra precaution by incorporating the right lighting. During daytime, you can take advantage of windows inside the bathroom, but as soon as it gets dark, a nightlight can come in handy.

Your relative need not suffer from falls. With the proper care and measure, you will prevent a slippage from occurring. So what if you are spending more on this? The important thing is they are safe.

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