Key Nutrition Facts of Bananas for Daily Intake

With the many talks on different foods, fruits and vegetables for a good daily diet one should consider nutrition facts of any type of food taken. There are many sources of the nutrition facts, but the most reliable are your nutrition expert as well as your doctor.

The serving size of bananas is 100 grams each day. The calorie values of bananas is 90 with the ratio of calories from fat is 9. The daily value intake of one gram of fat body needs two percent, the body needs zero value of saturated or unsaturated fats from bananas and 20 grams of carbohydrates seven percent from bananas. Others are 12 grams of sugar, three grams of fiber 12 percent and one gram of protein two percent. Bananas have zero cholesterol.

The daily values given based on 2,000 calories in the diet hence depending on your decision the calories needs this can change. The values are further highlighted not 100% right as most recipes change with different people’s.

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