Hurt From a Dog Bite?

Dogs are often thought of as “man’s best friend”, and can be a great addition to a family of any size. Unfortunately as with anything else, accidents are bound to occur and a family pet can easily follow its instincts and bite a human mistakenly. Whether accidental or not, these dog bites can often result in injuries of varying degrees, sometimes making it necessary to hire a Texas personal injury attorney.

On average, 1,000 Americans receive emergency treatment for injuries related to dog bites every single day.

This is a staggering statistic for many, especially considering the prevalence of the dog as a house pet. The figures have been further specified however, specifically citing the breeds of dogs that generally inflict the most bodily injuries. Dogs in the molosser family, as well as breeds within the same family, were identified as being responsible for a disproportionate amount of dog attacks:

  • 81 percent of attacks involved bodily injury;
  • 76 percent of attacks were on children;
  • 72 percent of these attacks ended in fatalities;
  • 81 percent resulted in maiming;

Considering these types of dogs make up only 9.2 percent of the entire dog population, these results are alarming–especially if you or your child comes in contact with one of these breeds frequently. According to The Center for Disease Control, almost one in every five dog bites requires medical attention, and in 2012 about 27,000 people underwent reconstructive surgery as the result of a dog attack.

It is no secret that costs associated with medical bills is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy and financial hardship in contemporary society. Do not let this financial and medical burden fall on yourself or your family if you have been the victim of a dog attack.

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to a dog bite or attack–or have sustained any other injury due to the fault of another party, it is critical to consult with
a personal injury lawyer Mississauga. A professional and experienced attorney will be able to let you know your rights as a victim, as well as recover any monetary damages you may have sustained.

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