How to Recognize a Reputable Insurance Agent

Before you shop for insurance agents in Roswell, you should make a list of your requirements through which you can filter each company you contact. The following points outline six traits to recognize when looking for a reputable insurance agent, along with three common overspending traps to avoid.

Client First

Make sure the insurance agent is on your side. An agent who listens carefully to your insurance needs will earn your trust.

Customer Service

Is the agent available to answer your questions? If you leave a telephone message, does the agent return your call in a timely fashion? An agent who is accessible will establish solid customer confidence. One of the major customer complaints is that there is no one around to answer questions once the policy has been purchased.


When you explain your insurance requirements, does the agent have the ability to listen to, and discern, what kind of policy you need? A good agent will clearly present you with insurance options. If necessary, the agent should tactfully present you with choices you may not have previously considered.

High Energy

Does the insurance agent appear to be eager to help you? Is there a level of enthusiasm which makes you feel confident that the company will provide top quality service and value? If an agent is worn-down or dreary, then you will feel discouraged and choose to look elsewhere.


Good insurance agents would rather tell the truth up front, and possibly lose a sale, than cloak a policy in deception for the sake of earning commission. Ultimately, their honest reputation will be recognized for future business.

Product Knowledge

Find an agent whose company can offer a comprehensive selection of products and services, while being mindful of your financial boundaries. Some agents practice financial planning in addition to offering insurance policies. Consequently, they are able to understand, and work within, your budget.

Finally, there are three financial traps to avoid. First, it is not in your best interest to auto-renew your policy. Often the price of the policy increases after the new-customer incentive expires. Second, if you pay for your policy by monthly installments, then you will be charged an additional fee. This can be avoided by paying the premium up-front. Lastly, if you are offered an attractively inexpensive policy, then the policy may require you to pay a very high deductible when you make a claim.

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