Beauty Care: Start Your Day Right With These Tips

Little tricks to keep you looking young and feeling young are very essential especially to a young professional under a lot of stress. In this fast paced world we are living in, it is no mystery why a 30 year old gets burned out really easily.

Try waking up before your alarm clock goes off. A slight trick of the mind gives you ample time to just lounge an extra 5 minutes in bed. This gives you time to relax a little before going through your strenuous routine.

Remember to moisturize your face, a great product should have B3 and sunblock as high as SPF 15. Do not use antiperspirant because it clogs up your sweat glands, go for deodorants instead. Eat a healthy breakfast that can give you ultimate vitamins and energy boosters, foods like oatmeals, berries and fat free yogurts.
Before stepping out of your door give yourself a last look in the mirror and smile, it’s your new adventure, enjoy it.

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