Tips for Maintaining Great Health On the Go

It’s no secret that maintaining good health is a conscious practice that takes work and effort. When we’re traveling or on the go, our health practice is often the first thing to get put on the backburner. It’s easy to make sure you’re visiting the dentist and doctor and keeping to all your health regimens when you’re at home in your regular routine. But traveling can shake up your habits and cause you to neglect your health. This is unfortunate because not taking care of ourselves can lead into a downward spiral that negatively impacts many areas of our lives. So it’s important to know how to take care of your health even when you’re away from home, and you can do so by following our helpful tips:

Get enough sleep

Wherever you are, whether it’s on a business trip or a month-long holiday to Greece, it’s vital to make sure that you’re sleeping enough for your body. The standard that you’ll often hear is 8 hours per night, but this isn’t actually what’s right for every person. Everyone has their own unique needs for their body, so be aware of how many hours of sleep allow your body to function at its best, and make this a priority when you’re traveling.

Drink water

Oftentimes traveling gets so hectic that we forget to stay hydrated, and this can lead to fatigue and even sickness. Staying hydrated helps flush your body out of toxins that can accumulate in places like airports and airplanes. Those tiny cups of water you get on the plane aren’t enough to keep you as hydrated as you need to be! Pick up a big bottle of water near your gate to sip on during your plane ride and keep you energized all the way to your destination.

Eat smart

Just because you’re away from home, doesn’t mean it’s time to totally binge out on junk food. Yes, you can indulge in some treats that you might not have at home and eat out at restaurants a little more often, but try to stay mindful about what you’re putting in your body. Make sure to get enough vegetable intake, or at least bring along a multivitamin if you don’t think you’ll be ingesting enough salad! You can bring some smart snacks from home like trail mix, string cheese and fruit if you’re not sure where to buy healthy food on the road.

Move when possible

It’s not always practical to stick to your normal workout routine when you’re away from home. You might not have room for your running shoes, or maybe you normally practice with free weights or go to the gym. But traveling is still a great opportunity to get some movement into your day. Try walking to your destination rather than paying for a cab or taking a bus. And since you might be exploring a new place, you’ll want to walk around anyway to see the sights. You can enjoy walking throughout your day and not having to worry about a strict exercise routine, knowing that this natural movement will keep your body in shape!

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