Relationship Problems: Why You Shouldn’t Blab About It

Everyone in a relationship had their fair share of arguments and disagreements. That is how life is supposed to be because you are two different individuals. Here are the top reasons why you should not go blabbering about it to your friends, parents, and God-forbid, even your next door neighbor who was just passing by.

Reasons Why Blabbering Is A Bad Idea:

1. Telling others creates more tension

Ever heard of the phrase “he said, she said?” Well that is what will happen if both of you announces your problems to everyone else. It creates hostility between two parties, eventually leading to stress and more arguments. The point is, if you want the issue to die down, talk to each other and do not bring anyone else into the argument.

2. It leads to bad impressions

By telling your mother, bff, or total strangers about how shallow or wrong your boyfriend is, you are leaving a bad impression in their minds. Since all they hear are the negatives, they will automatically associate your partner to it, painting him as the big bad wolf that is not right for you.

3. What you say will be used against you

When a person is arrested, the officer tells him that what he says or do will be used against him. Though you are not going through the same notions, this rule still applies to you. Other people who harbors hate and envy towards you will use all the dirt they can get, and that includes the hostility that happened between you and your guy. If you do not want others to take advantage of that, just keep it mum.

Your relationship is between you and your guy alone. If you do not want the whole world to have their say on it, do your best to keep things to yourselves. That is the golden rule that all lovers should follow.

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