A Wedding Place Only Few Can Go

Every year we get invitations from a wedding. The soon-to-be bride and groom take ample time of planning this big day. Most of these weddings have similarities like the wedding theme, colour motif, invitations, favors, but how can one make theirs less similar to others?

If you met your soon-to-be-better half while doing a sport and found out that it is your first common interest, say bungee jumping, scuba diving, base jumping, sky diving, etcetera why not plan a wedding that is the main reason where it all started? Imagine you are on base of a cliff, as soon as you hear you may now kiss your bride, you kiss just right after you both jump, hold on to each other until the parachute needs to be deployed, or a ceremony underwater while the fishes swim around you as your witnesses and the natural beauty of coral reefs color your surroundings.

Although this will limit the people you can invite, you are sure to keep it important, intimate and truly everlasting and unforgettable ever after.

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