5 Tips for Starting an Exercise Program

Lots of people have a love-hate relationship with exercise. They either love it and do it everyday, or hate it but know they need to do it to maintain health. We often don’t complain about other health habits like visiting the dentist or doctor regularly, but exercise can tend to be a real pain. But exercise isn’t really something that we should have to think that hard about. Our bodies are made to move, but unfortunately with the modern work environment, many people don’t get that opportunity. Our lives are stationary, and moving then becomes a chore- something to be fit in after an 8-hour work day. And with busy lives with family and social engagements, it can often be put aside altogether.

Exercise is so important to maintain health though, and needs to have a place in a healthy life. So here are some tips you can follow to get started and stick with an exercise program:

Get some new gear

Yes – this means throwing out your old bathing suit from high school. You’re never going to be inspired to work towards your new body if you’re constantly comparing yourself with an old version of yourself. New workout gear can be the motivation you need to get started – think some fun new running shorts, shoes and workout tops.

Start early

The morning is the best time to exercise, because it’s when you have the least excuses to put it off. If you can develop a daily morning exercise routine, you’ll have the best chance of sticking with it. Plus, you get the added bonus of burning extra calories throughout the day!

Start easy

Don’t expect yourself to start out with a massive exercise program right away. If you want to build up to running 3 miles, start out by walking/jogging for 10 minutes. Then build up to 20, and build from there. You want to feel small accomplishments with your exercise every day.

Workout with friends

Instead of meeting friends for a coffee or meal, suggest that you take your coffee to go and walk around the lake or walking trail! Organize weekend biking and hiking trips out in nature. You’ll get your sweat on and enjoy social time in the fresh air!

Set a goal

It can be really motivating to get out and exercise if you have a future goal in mind. So sign up for a 5 or 10-K race, bike event or some other fitness event that you’d love to participate in. Make this your training goal and put it on your calendar where you’ll see it everyday.

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