5 Exercises That Will Change Your Life

Ever get caught in an exercise-rut? You know the one… you’ve been going to the gym daily for the past few months, but just can’t get rid of that last stubborn bit of love handle. It can be so aggravating when you know you’re putting in the time and effort, but just not seeing those great results that you keep dreaming about! Yes, you go to the doctor and dentist regularly so you’ve got healthy teeth and your body is strong, but you’re still not losing that extra weight. And the worst is when you see the guy next to you in the gym achieving exactly the results he dreamed about! So what’s the difference? What’s he doing that you’re not? The difference can be simple, but so profound. You need to change up your exercise routine to surprise your body and kick it into another gear altogether. Through this, you can experience the results you always knew your body could achieve! Here are some exercises to push your body out of its comfort zone and take it to the next level:

Squat with Overhead Press

Everybody loves squats! Alright, this might be a little bit of a joke, but in reality, squats are fantastic for toning up your whole body, and pushing through them will kick your body right out of its fitness rut. Add in an overhead press with some hand weights and you’ve got yourself an exercise to change your life.

Hip Extension and Reverse Fly

If you do yoga, you might know this hip extension pose as Warrior 3! For all other gym buffs, stand on one foot while leaning forward and holding a dumbbell in each hand. Extend your hands out to the side while lifting your other leg up and behind you.

Russian Twists

You’ll be crying by the end of the Russian Twists, but hopefully not all in pain. There will be tears of joy once you see how great these are for your oblique muscles and 6-pack. Sit down with your ankles up in the air, and holding onto a free weight, twist from side to side until you feel the burn in your sides. Then keep going.

T Push-Up

For this one, you’ll start in push-up position and warm up with a few regular push-ups. Once you feel warm, stop at the top of the push-up and rotate to one side, raising your arm all the way to the sky and twisting in that direction as you open your chest completely. Then repeat again on the other side. Complete three rounds of 8 or 10.

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