4 Tips for Working Out on Vacation

“Working out” and “vacation” aren’t always two terms that go together very well. The whole point of a vacation is to escape normal life, to leave behind your regular routines like doctor and dentist appointments and enjoy a relaxed and spontaneous lifestyle. You’re bound to be eating foods you wouldn’t eat at home, spend time laying around by the beach and generally not be so focused on maintaining such perfect health. But just because you’re traveling on holiday, doesn’t mean it’s time to completely forget about your health routine. If you do, you’ll go home and feel so disappointed when your clothes don’t fit anymore! So why not try striking a healthy balance? It’s easy to stay in shape while you’re on vacation, if you try some of these fun workouts you can do anywhere:


What better way to see a new city or destination than by bicycle? Rather than taking a tour bus around town, rent bikes and get some exercise along with fresh air. Many cities offer bike tours so you can ride around with a guide who will show you all the most famous sights. They’ll often have you stop off at a local cafe or pub to enjoy some local specialties.


It might not sound super exciting, but walking is going to be your main source of cardio on vacation – so make the most of it! You can easily walk for miles on a given day of travel, just sightseeing and getting around town. Skip public transportation or taxis and foot it where you need to go. You’ll notice more things around you and it will enhance the experience of your vacation!


Traveling is a great opportunity to explore the natural surroundings in your destination. If you’re vacationing somewhere with mountains or forests nearby, see if you can plan a hiking day to get out of the urban areas and into nature. It’s a great way to refresh yourselves and get some wonderful exercise into your day. You can definitely consider hiking a workout; a full day of hiking can burn up to 1000 calories!

Adventure sports

Are you someone with a spirit for adventure on your holiday? There are so many different adventurous sports you can try to make your vacation just a little more thrilling. You can take a whitewater rafting trip, go surfing or waterskiing, paragliding or even bungee jumping, depending on how adventurous you feel! As long as you’re active and getting out there in nature, you’ll be working out your body as well.

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