The Do’s and Don’ts of a Celtic Wedding

When you get married, it’s important to do things your way. After all, it is your wedding. To some people, having a wedding that incorporates some heritage is important, but there are certain items that should stay and that should go when planning a wedding.

Although most heritages have their own traditions when it comes to weddings, the Celtic heritage is one of the most popular to incorporate into the big day. And while most Celtic traditions are something to continue, there are a few that you should do away with. If you want to have a Celtic wedding, here are some do’s and don’ts to help you plan accordingly.

Do: Have Celtic wedding bands.

Celtic patterns are popular everywhere you go, and if you’re having a Celtic wedding, what better way to remember the day than with a Celtic wedding ring? You can simply buy a band that has a Celtic design that you like, or you can opt to purchase a band that has a Celtic design that means something to you and your family. Plus, you’ll certainly enjoy showing off a ring that is unlike most other bands.

Don’t: Opt for only Celtic faire.

Having Celtic food at your wedding may be important to you and your family, but you also need to remember to please your guests. Instead of opting for only Celtic faire at your wedding, opt to serve both Celtic favorites as well as traditional items. This way, if you have any picky-eater guests (and you will) you won’t force them to go hungry at your wedding.

Do: Incorporate the last stitch.

An old Celtic tradition known as the last stitch means sewing the last stitch in the wedding gown on the day of the wedding for good luck. Although most brides purchase their gown from a boutique instead of asking a relative to make it, this tradition can still, and should, be incorporated into the wedding. Have the mother of the bride put one small stitch into the gown on the day of the wedding, even if it truly has nothing to do with the structure of the gown. After all, asking for a little extra luck on your wedding can’t hurt.

Don’t: Overdo the Celtic music.

Incorporating traditional Celtic music into your wedding day can be a great way to customize your wedding. Bagpipes can add a lovely ambiance to your ceremony and separate your wedding from the norm. However, using only Celtic music at your wedding may not be the type of party your guests had in mind. Just like the food, remember to include Celtic music in moderation. This way, your guests will be able to enjoy the music of your heritage, but they’ll also be able to hear the classic wedding songs they’ve come to love (and that they can dance to).

Do: Use traditional Celtic colors.

Celtic colors look wonderful together, so be sure to incorporate them into your wedding. Beiges, greens, and oranges can be used as the main focus of the wedding or as pops of color throughout your décor. Plus, don’t forget to add something lavender to your bouquet, which is another Celtic wedding tradition.

Don’t: Overuse the shamrock.

Yes, a shamrock may be a Celtic symbol, but that doesn’t mean you need to place them everywhere throughout your wedding. Sure, one or two shamrock-themed items can be a great way to incorporate your Celtic heritage, but think twice before the groom shaves shamrocks into his hair.

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