On What Basis to Select Your Signature Scent

So often, people will talk about having a “signature scent”; a perfume that they always go to that they feels best represents them. The idea makes perfect sense, smell is such an evocative scent that you can use as part of your look as much as the colour of your hair or the style of clothes that you choose. But how to choose this scent?

Based on personality

Are you girly and sweet, or ballsy and strong-willed? It’s amazing how a perfume can encapsulate a personality by using smells that remind us of personality traits. If you’re often described as “the life of party”, loud and extroverted, try a perfume like Micheal Kors “Sexy”. It’s musky and strong, but has light notes behind it that won’t overpower you. Or what if you’re quiet and feminine? Try something like Ferragamo “Signorina”- it’s light, floral and fruity without being too much of a wallflower.

Based on your hair colour

Society has such deeply ingrained ideas of what hair colour means about a person (blondes are fun and girly, brunettes smouldering and sexy, redheads powerful and vibrant) that it seems silly not to play up to that idea, especially if you dye your hair.

A great smell for black hair is Joop “Miss Wild”. It has a touch of rum in the base that for me at least, reminds me of dark, rich colours and dark eyes.

As a hair colour that is often disregarded, but just as common as the others, grey hair is also great for pairing with perfume. Elizabeth Arden “White Diamonds” has notes from flowers from all over the world, and feels worldly and exotic for a woman that has seen it all and done it all.

Based on what you wish your were like

Everyone has aspects of their personality that they would like to change. Maybe you’re too loud, too quiet, too weak-willed, anything. Fragrance can be used to remind you of how you would like to be and encourage you to act that.

When I was younger, I always wanted to feel more like a grown up. I wanted people to look at me like I was a woman, rather than a little girl. I bought a small bottle of Estee Lauder “Beautiful”, and the spicy, floral smell made me feel like a woman, and therefore act more like one.

There is nothing with, of course, choosing a fragrance just because you like it. But maybe ask yourself why you like it, what is it about that scent that appeals to you so much. Maybe you’ll even find that it reminds you of a little part of yourself.

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