6 Great Supplements For Your Pets

When it comes to supplements, you aren’t the only one who could use a little calcium or vitamin E. But how can you be sure which brands are best for Fluffy? What pills will keep him strong and healthy for years to come? Here are just six healthy supplements for your beloved animal companions.

1. Digestive Support for Dogs

Certain breeds have more digestion problems than others. If your pooch is one of the unlucky few, these supplements will help calm his stomach and regulate his bowel movements for more comfortable digestive movements. Better yet, you’ll only need to give him one capsule a day to see results!

2. Hairball Chews

If you love your kitty but have trouble remembering that fact when she spits up hairballs everywhere, hairball chews can help. They contain a mixture of yeast, whey and flaxseed oil to help eliminate the formation of intestinal blockages, and they also offer a nice chicken liver flavor so your cat will eat them right up.

3. Calming Formula for Dogs

Look for things like Pet Naturals supplements if you’re worried about your dog’s hyperactivity or social anxiety. They contain colostrum and L-theanine, two calming agents that are safe for canines, and in most cases you won’t even need more than a teaspoon to quiet their distress.

4. Smelly Cat Chews

If the litter box smells even worse than usual, your cat may be experiencing digestive or intestinal problems that are causing odorous bowel movements. Other symptoms include gas, flatulence and bad breath. Invest in smelly cat chews containing champignon mushrooms to stop Princess Sparkle from smelling like a pauper.

5. AntiOx for Cats and Dogs

These all-purpose supplements are designed to help everything from your pet’s immune system to their circulatory health. Not only do they provide a staggering 95 percent of proanthocyanidins (PCOs), but they also contain rice flour for texture and bioflavonoids for further health benefits. Your pet will go crazy for AntiOx!

6. Skin + Coat Dog Chews

Jam-packed with vitamins, proteins and omega fatty acids, these chews are a great way to add a little shine to your dog’s coat. They’ll also improve the skin underneath his fur for improved health on multiple levels!

Whether you’re worried about your pet’s digestion or just looking to cure their odors and hairballs, these six supplements are some of the best in the business. Use them judiciously to promote better health and wellness for life’s furriest friends!

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