Things to Look Out for in Dealing with Teenagers

Since your son or daughter is a teenager already, certain issues such as identity crisis and peer pressure arise. Some parents have a hard time dealing with teenagers because perspectives might clash and they turn to rebellion. But what are common mistakes that parents often do?

Negative expectations

Studies show that parents who expect their teens to be involved in bad behavior reported high levels of these expected behaviors afterwards. Expectations can actually promote the behavior you always think about. Instead of overly expecting, focus on your teenager’s hobbies and activities. Reconnect and push them if they love a certain sport or musical instrument.

Reading Too Much

Always remember that raising teenagers are on a case to case basis. What people write on books may not be applicable to you. Parents have innate skills that should be used in raising their kids and not relying too much on what is written on books and magazines. Stop comparing and instead, use these books as examples, not as basis on how to rear your own teenager.

Fussing on Small Things

Bear in mind that as long as your teenager is not doing some life-threatening activity, let him loose. Give him the freedom to choose his own clothes, hairstyle, or gadgets. He will later on learn from the consequences in his actions. Do not protect your child too much to the point of taking away important experiences. Make him learn from his mistakes, but just be there to guide him along the way.

Pretending to Look Away

If you already have that motherly instinct that your teenager is up to something bad, like drugs and alcoholism, call his attention and take action. Watch out for changes in behavior, appearance, and academic performance. Be involved in your teenager’s major decisions in life.


Everything should be balanced in life, even disciplining your teens. Find a balance between freedom and obedience so that your teenager won’t feel so restricted or tied up. As a parent, be a good role model and set core values. Make time with your teenager so that you guys have a solid foundation.

These are just some of the many mistakes that parents deal with everyday with their teenagers. But of course, being a parent is innate. There is no written rule on how to raise them. Just bear in mind that your words and actions play a major role in their development.

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