Fun Activities To Ward Off Child Obesity

Some children refuse sports and exercise in favor of computer games. This behavior, coupled with eating bad food will lead to child obesity. But how can you encourage your child to move it? You can do this by providing fun activities that will entice them to turn their heads away from the TV or computer screen.

Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids:


Take a family trip and choose a location where there is a river or lake. Then, entice your kids to swim with you. Not only will they feel refreshed, you would also get to bond with then, and they would have gotten the exercise they needed.


Another activity you can try is biking. You can do this with them and bike around the whole neighborhood. Just make sure that your child is made aware of the dangers of speeding up. You do not want your child crashing with another bike or vehicle, so stay alert.

Play Tag

Even if your child hates running around, he will definitely enjoy the game of tag. This is easier if you have a wider area to run around. State the rules of playing, and give a reward for the winning team. Your eldest son may join forces with you, while the youngest should team up with dad, or vice versa.

Because your kids are enjoying the activities, they will forget that they are exercising at the same time. This will trick them into thinking that they are playing instead of shaping up. This is a win-win for you and your kids so try it out with them and the hubby.

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