Factors to Think About When Choosing a Massage Table

Choosing a massage table is difficult even for professionals these days because there are so many models that are available on the market. Your choice has to be based on various factors that you most likely never actually consider. With this in mind, let us try to figure out exactly what has to be taken into account in order for your choice to be optimum. The advice you will find below will direct you towards high quality massage tables like those offered by therapyworlddirect.com while allowing you to avoid those that are pretty bad.

Massage Table Size

The chosen massage table has to be wide enough to basically accommodate people of various sizes. In most situations the optimum width is of 28 to 30 inches. If you are a short person, the table can have a width of 25. It is important to think about size because you have to be close to the person you massage.

Height Has To Be Adjustable

The great massage tables have adjustable legs. There are actually many on the market that have such a feature. The reason behind the inclusion of these legs is that the massage therapist has to not be hindered while performing a massage. In most situations height is adjustable at 60 to 85 centimeters.

Massage Table Weight

Most models available have a weight of 12 to 21 kilograms. Weight is important for those that will plan to constantly move the table from one room to the next or for those massage therapists that offer services at the property of the client. Obviously, if you often move the table, especially on long distances, something that is a maximum of 14 kilograms is recommended. You can also opt for a foldable table as it is quite easy to carry.

Material Used

In most situations the choice boils down to aluminum and wood. The wooden tables have been around for a long time and aluminum has only recently started to be used in the manufacturing process. Our recommendation is to go for aluminum. This is the best choice in most situations and massage therapists do prefer aluminum tables. However, if you want to put your hands on a massage table that is really attractive and you will not move it around much, the wooden option is one that can be taken into account. A combination of wooden legs and aluminum frame is also a great idea to consider.

Foam Thickness

Always consider massage table foam thickness. This is the one factor that many tend to forget about. Foam thickness practically dictates how comfortable the client will be and how long the massage table remains functional, without ending up succumbing to damage. Always opt for a table that has high density because it will not sag or flatten over time. Remember that the cheap massage tables are usually going to offer low density foam, which is pretty bad and should not actually be considered. Foam thickness has to be included in the list of features that is presented when a massage table is presented. If you do not see something like that, you have to look for another table.

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