Costume Shopping Made Easy

It’s still a few months before Halloween but it’s really not too early to shop for this year’s costumes.  Besides, parents with school-aged kids know that they have to be ready with costumes for the various school activities such as the Parade of Nations, the 4th of July presentations, and even the Homecoming Week festivities.  While there are still some who go old school with costumes painstakingly made by hand, a lot of people today have found ways to get their costumes online from sites like

In shopping for costumes online, you have to think about several factors:

1. Theme – you have to be sure about the event’s theme.  If you are preparing for Halloween, you pretty much have free rein on what kind of costume you want.   Going retro would be fun with sexy flapper dresses or colorful gypsy belly dancer crop top and balloon pants.  You and your husband can choose to go Egyptian with Cleopatra and Pharaoh costumes.   If you are buying costumes for kids, you can think about their favorite characters or superheroes.   There are a lot of options for you to choose from.  Since you are doing your costume shopping early, you have the luxury of time to spend browsing through the online costume galleries.

2. Cost – this is, of course, a concern for a lot of people today.  The costumes should not cost an arm and a leg.  Be practical.  The good thing about shopping early is that you can watch out for sale events throughout the year.  Even online costume websites have discount sales from time to time.   You can get adult costumes for about $50 to $150.  Costumes for children run cheaper at only about $20 to $50 on the average.  Remember to check for other charges before you finalize your purchase at the online check-out counter.

3. Delivery – generally, online retailers would ship in a matter of days depending on the location.  International deliveries talk about a week or two.  If you need your costumes right away for an event or a school program, make sure you take this into consideration.  You might want to check for guarantees and return policies too.  The online retailer should be able to assure you that you will get exactly what you ordered within the delivery time agreed upon.

Shopping for costumes need not be stressful.  It is actually enjoyable to look at pictures of all those cute costumes.  It’s even more fun to actually wear the costumes that you pick.  Keep these tips in mind and have fun costume shopping!

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