Take it easy on that treadmill

Our society today has increasing need to work out because who wants to be too fat and unhealthy? No one wants an obese body that’s why we see all these exercise thingy to help keep us fit by burning those extra calories and tones our body to shape; from aerobics, yoga, zumba, sports and weight lifting we have those entire workout plan but too much exercise has its downsides.

We envy people for having enough time to work out even to just jog a few laps in the park but if you think too much of exercising you might not getting your body all fit but battered. Some people just don’t know their limitations. The need to exercise can lead to addiction. There are people who just want to work out to the point of exhaustion.

We are actually not gaining anything if our body is pain, like the injured pain. We might not know it but we could be harming our body just to get that desired six pack. Just take it easy on getting fit, know your limit, you could be doing worse instead of feeling better.

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