Save more, spend less

Spending money is much easier than saving them. Let’s face it, once we get our salary it easily disappears and you will be broke again for days until your next pay day. We can’t go on like this; we can’t just give in to our whims. We have to deal with this money issue if we want to own something in our life and lessen our regrets.

Try to avoid temptation, if it’s possible if you really want to go the mall, be sure you are just there to grocery shop and not look around for something that can grab your attention like new gadgets, shoes and bags. Try eating at home for a change and not on restaurants and fast food chains and how about finding a cheaper hobby.

Basic accounting is all you need, just get a pen and a paper and list all your expenses and your monthly income, that way you’ll know where to cut your budget and what you need more. You can’t afford to be always luxurious, stop using your credit card and rely on cash. Debts are debts and it has interest leaving you broke than ever.

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