Bringing Mobile Medical Care To Your Community

Communities that have little access to medical care can call for a mobile medical care unit. It is easy to order your free guide, and it is easy to request the specific services that are needed for the community. The many items listed below can change the fortunes of the community when the mobile unit is rolling through on a regular basis.


Most people are in need of regular medical checkups. The children and adults in the family need to be seen by a doctor to catch medical problems, but the family cannot get to a doctor. The mobile medical unit comes to the community with a doctor and nurse ready to check on every person who visits. The doctors and nurses do not limit the appointments to adults or children, and they provide needed medical information and referrals to patients.


The tests that many people need are hard to get if they do not have transportation to get to a doctor. Children need medical tests and shots before they can go to school, and the adults in the family need to have themselves tested when they have medical problems they do not understand.


There are many people who are in need of medication to regulate their health. If people in the community cannot afford medication, the mobile medical unit can bring some generic medications that the doctor can prescribe to the patients. The mobile unit may also arrive with coupons for cheaper medications, will prescribe medications and offer assistance in getting these medications.

Emergency Care

When people are in need of emergency care, the mobile medical unit can help. People cannot travel to an urgent care facility if they are in a disadvantaged area, and the mobile medical care unit can help with broken bones, stitches and other problems that people cannot go to the emergency room for.

Bringing one of these units to the community is the best way to keep the people in the community healthy. A lack of access to medical care can kill people, and these doctors come to the community ready to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

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