When Skiing It Is Important To Know Your Rights

Skiing is a very dangerous sport especially if you are new to the game.  There are many rules to follow and even if you follow every rule to the letter you still risk the possibility of being injured while on the slopes.  Whether it is an accident that involves only you or if it involves you and another party it is important for you to know exactly what your rights are and what you should do at that moment.

Hire An Attorney

Depending on where you live there are many areas that have laws just for the subject of skiing.  When a skier has been injured there are even areas where there are statutes to help control these cases.  If you have an injury that resulted from skiing and you plan to obtain legal help you will need to find an attorney that specializes in ski law.  A personal injury attorney will not have the general ski knowledge that might be needed.

Obtain All Information

When you are injured you should be sure to obtain all of the contact information of other parties involved in the accident.  This should include their full name and current address as well as the current telephone number.  Most of the time the ski patrol should take care of this for you but many times there is not a ski patrol officer available at that moment.  Once the report has been taken you should contact the ski area and obtain a copy of the report that was filed for your records.  This can help your case if you happen to hire an attorney for the case.

Take Pictures

Once an accident occurs you have the right to take pictures of the area where it occurred.  It is suggested that your travel partners take plenty of photographs of the area to show exactly what happened during the accident.

Insurance Companies

When speaking to an insurance company regarding the accident it is important that you are careful what you say.  Remember that anything you might say could be used against you later.  When the company calls if they start to ask you questions that make you feel uncomfortable you can stop answering them and contact an attorney to represent you on the call or be with you on the call.

Obtain Insurance Coverage Before Your Ski Trip

Most travel companies such as www.igoski.co.uk will recommend that you purchase ski insurance before your ski trip.  This insurance is offered to you when you make your reservations and is not required.  It is only recommended but most will say to spend the extra in the case of an accident.  When you are traveling especially outside of the country where you live your everyday health insurance might not cover your injuries if your get hurt.  It is better to be safe than sorry.


When planning a family skiing trip it is important that you follow all of the safety rules and regulations published by the ski area.  If you do not know what they are you should find out.  It is better to know exactly what your rights are before an accident occurs than to not know and find out the hard way.

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