When Friends Leave You

Having friends is like having treasures. Who else here doesn’t have friends? Be it in real life or in social life people wants to belong in a group to have someone who share the same interest, though friendship is better when you all have unique personalities that blends in just right to make that friendship grow even deeper. But what happens if you have a falling out? People change especially when you spend less time with each other or they found different friends, friends that made them change to whole new person?

Breaking up with a friend is worst than breaking up with a lover. Lovers are always available but having a real friend takes so long to find or to even nurture. When I had a falling out with my friend for 10 years, I felt bad because I really wanted us to stay the same but she thinks that I’ve changed and she doesn’t like that I’ve change, she never talked to me about it and just fell silent and never talked to me, I tried reaching out but I guess she’s too stubborn to accept me. Years after we talked, just greeting each other awkwardly and just about that, and later on we met again and again and slowly kindling the friendship, but I tell you it’s not the same anymore because all those gap made her a different person to me, like we should catch up with one another to be able to know more like starting all over again.

When your friend changes accept it because change is always constant as much as we hate it we don’t have a choice but to accept it as positive thing. You might not know it but you too are changing, even though it takes slow for you but you are actually changing. It might be disheartening, it can be misunderstood on an instant but things will work out if one is willing to accept and the other is sensitive enough to know what makes the other feeling distant.

If my friend would have not been stubborn to accept my call hence we can talk it over and I did not take too much time to be insensitive then maybe we wouldn’t be starting all over again.

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