Money Saving Tips When Cleaning

Cleaning can cost money depending on how you do; with our economy today we should always find ways to save money even in this so called cleaning.

Using Liquid dish washing soap

You can also call this as an all purpose cleaner, usually what I do is to mix 30 ml of liquid dish soap to a liter of water. You can pour it on sprays or just any container. This soap mixture is used to clean things and surfaces with mild dirt like your; dishes, kitchen sink, counter tops, glass and walls. You don’t need those branded all purpose cleaner to do all that. Don’t underestimate the power of your dishwashing soap.

Store brands

I get how we sometime stay loyal to our brands but store products are much cheaper than those brands and they too have the same cleaning effects. You can always try some of the store brands and see if they work well and if they do then that’s money saver.

Store your cleaning products properly

Sometimes when we are done with all the work we forget to store all the used cleaners properly. Tightly seal all your liquid cleaners and place them where they can’t be moved thus lessening the mess. You are going to waste all of it if they will be spilled. There can be a problem when all those chemicals are mixed with one another which is hazardous to your health.

Re-use re-cycle

Although it’s great to use disposable products but they are not very money saving, re-using your old clothes that you are not wearing anymore into a mop or cleaning towel is a good example, why buy when you have those old clothes stacked in your cabinet?

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