Sorry for Being Weird

Social networking sites are places where people interact, say whatever they want, post some pictures, like them comment on them. It’s a whole new world; maybe it has become bigger than the universe, that’s why some people argue in posts.

I for one is not an exception, it’s hard for me to see selfies everyday but that’s the thing now and I chose to just raise an eyebrow after seeing and just scroll down to see more coming, I chose to accept it because society is fond of it. There is this someone who commented on my post commented on one of my post and said that “I’m getting weird” so I asked what makes him say so, he said because of my post status updates, that it’s getting weirder.

Okay that’s is entirely his opinion but that’s my post that what Facebook is asking me, “what are you thinking?” so basically I am just posting what I think and if he thinks or other people thinks it’s weird then my apologies. I believe everyone has a choice here. If people don’t like what they see or are irritated, then it’s either you accept them or they could just block the account or erase them in their newsfeeds, then you are done.

You don’t get to see some annoying stuff in your newsfeed, why suffer when you have the choice? Some people would really want to argue or just simply had a lot to say on things that doesn’t concern them, I think now is the time to change.

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