My Mother Lost Her Ring

When my mother and father dated for one year, my father gave my mother a promise ring for their first anniversary. It’s a yellow-white gold with a small diamond in the center with a stunning design over it. I loved it, and I always wished to have something like that too in the future.

My mom is such a clumsy person that she always breaks and loses things. She’s really offhand with stuffs that my father always needs to watch her. And one day, my mom lost her ring. Everyone in the house went crazy. After searching all day for one week, we finally gave up. But I saw how depressed my mom was, so I tried to find a ring similar to that. I browsed all the jewellery shop I know, online and offline. After 3 days of nonstop searching, I finally found a wedding band that is exactly the same with the one she had. I bought it for her and I think I made her feel better.

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