Different Types of Shoes for the Modern Man

Men certainly enjoy wearing casual shoes. A lot of men practically live in casual styles each day. Men that have to wear dress shoes for work look forward to getting home and tossing those aside in favor of a cozy pair of sneakers, sandals or slippers. When you look for casual shoes style definitely means a lot to you, but so does comfort. In fact, you have zero tolerance for painful shoes that hurt your feet. Thank goodness there are plenty of great choices in modern designer casual shoes for men.

Running Shoes

Guys that enjoy going out for a jog are always seeking a high-quality pair of running shoes for men. These shoes come in a wide range of colorful styles and tread patterns. Designer running shoes are made to withstand the impact of a man’s body as he pounds the pavement for miles at a time. They are lightweight, sturdy and make your feet move like lightening. Plus, they look very cool on the track or street.

Basketball Shoes

Men that play basketball casually every now and then need a basketball shoe that helps them make those special jump shots. There are also plenty of guys that love wearing the classic old school style basketball shoes as strictly a fashion statement. This is why the classic high top with laces up the ankle will never go out of style. High top sneakers with jeans are always a cool look.

Training Shoes

The active man that is into sports, or other challenging physical activities, needs a casual training shoe that meets all of his needs. Training shoes are designed to be tough, durable and versatile. This type of shoe is great for boating, trail hiking, walking, fishing, biking, camping, mountain climbing, golfing or simply running errands.

Outdoor Shoes

If you are like most guys, you have one or more pairs of rugged outdoors shoes. These are the sturdy leather boots you wear during rain, snow or sunny days. Durability and comfort are key features.


No guy can be without his ultra comfortable pair of sandals. Slip on sandals for men come in the classic thong style or without the thong. Many men prefer sandals made from synthetic materials for their longevity. Others like a leather upper with rubber sole.

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