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Things That Slow Your Metabolism

Sometimes we get jealous when people could eat those cakes, burgers and other greasy goodness in a day and never gets fat while other people completely bloats up the next day, and feeling guilty of overeating. It turns out that … Continue reading

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A Perfect Bikini

If there’s one item that’s every lady’s most dreaded item to buy it’s swimwear. Often bought in a rush and under duress, it’s usually the least fun part of planning any holiday. However, with sensible planning swimwear can be the … Continue reading

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Classic Car Restoration

As children become older, or retirement looms, car restorations become an integral part of many people’s list of hobbies as a way to spend their time, either alone or as part of a team. Many dads and sons have found … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Leptospirosis

This rat disease always endangers people‚Äôs health especially in places that are always flooded with contaminated water like sewers, slums and farms. What is Leptospirosis? This disease is caused by Leptospira, a bacteria that is transmitted by rats, opossums and … Continue reading

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Top Five Ways to Smarten Your Garden

Gardens are one of the most overlooked parts of a home, often forgotten until a rare sunny day comes along and everybody digs out their old rusty BBQ. Yet with a few simple steps a garden can become a space … Continue reading

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Icky Roaches Go Away

My friend Darlene is a strong woman. She knows what she wants, and how she can get it. However, the moment she spots a cockroach, she immediately goes week-kneed and babbling like a baby. We never had roach problems before, … Continue reading

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