Men’s Hair Replacement

New research shows that the circadian cycle is partially responsible for the rate of hair loss in individuals. The study showed that in cancer patients, radiation given during the evenings dramatically slowed down the rate of hair loss. The study was conducted with mice and these findings may affect chemotherapy protocols in the near future. Men can experience hair loss for medical, hereditary or age-related reasons.

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The prevalence of hair loss in men has prompted men to experiment with different types of hair loss remedies. Over the years, men have been introduced to topical creams, shampoos, supplements and surgical implant methods for treating hair loss. There are some options for men who want to manage their hair loss. The mens (men’s) wigs are the most affordable option. The custom pieces can last for years at a time where creams, shampoos and supplements have to be replaced often. The pieces blend in with the hair, so men don’t have to worry about them standing out from the rest of the existing hair when properly matched.

The wigs for men eliminate the window for which one must wait for results to appear. In adding these pieces, men can see an immediate difference in wearing the wig. Mens wigs at is often the most convenient option available for men suffering with hair loss. Men can choose from wigs of different densities, textures and wave patterns. These custom wigs are easier to match to the hair and require far less maintenance than the typical creams and shampoos. Wigs are also more cost-effective than some of the many hair supplements available on the market.

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