Go for Electronic Cigarette to Quit Smoking

quit smoking

E-cigarettes like the electronic cigarettes at LeCig.com are gaining in popularity for a variety of reasons.

The first is that vapor is far safer than traditional smoke, and with more and more locations cracking down on smoking in public, electronic cigarettes that don’t produce secondhand smoke are becoming favorable for those that keep on the go. The second is their attractive pricing, as they can quickly become more affordable than standard packs of cigarettes. But the unsung hero that makes them frankly rather fun is the variety of flavors. Smokeless tobacco isn’t limited to tasting like tobacco–it comes in many different flavors. Much like clothing or perfume, this is leading to some questions about what your vapor’s flavor communicates to others.

While e-cigs don’t leave behind a smell, the aroma of the flavor chosen can be picked up by those in proximity, and with so many flavors, the one chosen can say a lot. Those that go with the classic smokeless tobacco, for instance, might be perceived as more mature. Those that pick a milder flavor like vanilla might be perceived as calmer, or more sedate. Those that go for the fruit and dessert flavors could be seen as fun-loving, or younger. Much like picking out a perfume, picking out what flavor of vapor to bring with you could be a deciding factor in how your date perceives you, making it worth giving thought to the growing number of e-cigarette enthusiasts in the world.

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