Hating the Hospital Ambiance

Ever since my Aunt Aura confined in a private hospital 30 kilometers away from our home, I changed my beliefs in doctors. If before, I looked at them as a great hero who makes each and every patient survive, if before I could not find the exact words to describe how I adore them, now everything changed. I don’t want to stay on hospital area for I hated the ambiance. A cold sad memory turns back and hatred urges in me.

I get along with my aunt every time our schedules meet. She is very darling to us. As a veterinarian, she is well exposed in domestic animals as well as the chemicals she uses in her profession. After some years, she was diagnosed with lungs problem. She was confined in a hospital at it makes her condition more ill. The medical staffs there make her condition. I can’t stand to see how my aunt faces the hardest trial in her life. We transferred her in a different hospital and the case was serious enough to be cured. We lost here. Believing a doctor can extend her life makes her actually shorter.

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