Discover Advanced X-ray Diffraction System

Having over 50 combined years of x-ray diffraction experience, the X-Ray Wizards offer the expertise and experience of the most knowledgeable x-ray scientists around the world. They provide contract services analysis such as residual stress, phase identification and quantification, texture, degree of crystallinity as well as crystallinity size and other types of analysis.

X-ray Diffraction System

Diffraction is commonly done on materials such as semiconductors, medical implants, solar, pharmaceutical and aircraft samples. They can also perform micro-diffraction which is the analysis of small areas of a larger product. They are committed to using the top of the line, most current equipment to perform the diffraction. Their current model, from 2010, includes 2D detectors, Gobel mirrors, multi-axis stress algorithms, and Rietveld analysis. The technology allows for timely results, often ready in a day or two. X-Ray Wizards strive to deliver support as well as innovation to a growing field of materials and technologies. They offer a non-disclosure contact for proprietary information when using their latest technology to provide analysis, ensuring a high standard of quality customer service.

X-Ray Wizards, LLC were the first contract services lab to help the semi-conductor community by measuring the stress and strain on damascene line structures as well as on small medical implants and stents. They have developed and patented many new advances in the field of diffraction. They are world class experts in their field and look forward to offering their services for problems requiring innovative x-ray techniques for materials.

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