How To Get The Body Of Your Dreams – Without Setting Foot In The Gym

Does the thought of working out in a hot, sweaty gym make your quiver in your winter boots? If so, there are plenty of things you can do that won’t involve treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes or other red-faced people. Of course, you’ll still have to burn the calories somehow, but you’re likely to be more successful if you find something you enjoy.

Do basic exercises at home

If your waist is slightly saggy or flabby, you might have considered a cosmetic surgery procedure such as liposuction – but a few exercises at home could really help. That’s right, doing press ups in front of the TV, lifting weights (or cans of beans) in your bedroom and performing stretches wherever there is space can all tone your abdominal muscles. This in turn should improve the appearance of your stomach and make it look more pert. If you don’t want to go outside, you can also jog on the spot, do tummy crunches or throw on an exercise DVD – there are plenty available before the summer season.

Make the most of the great outdoors

Whether you live in a rural or urban area, there’s sure to be somewhere you can go to stretch your legs. Local parks are ideal, or you can look for a pedestrian route that’s specifically designed for people who like to stay active. Getting out and about will certainly get your heart working faster and you won’t have to be cooped up with people flashing their muscles. If you’re not a fan of walking, jogging or running, cycling is a great cardiovascular activity to enjoy with the whole family and will transform your physique in no time – so long as you stick at it.

Take up a new hobby

Getting into shape should not be a chore. That’s why it’s essential to do something you love and incorporate it into your lifestyle. A new hobby like rollerblading, for instance, will get your blood pumping and horse riding will work muscles you never knew you had. Similarly, you could join a hashing group, take up rowing or try your hand at dancing – you might have a secret talent you never knew about. As swimming works most of the major muscle groups, it’s also worth doing a few lengths in the local pool or giving aqua aerobics a go.

Everything from tummy tuck to liposuction is widely available, but the right exercise regime could transform you appearance – and you don’t even have to hit the gym.

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