Monitor Your Heart to Gauge Your Performance

Recently, a lot of people caught on the joy of exercise. If you are one of them, then you know that it gives you a certain feeling of happiness throughout the day, not to mention you lose a lot of unwanted fats in the process. Though some individuals run, bike, or swim to lose the extra pounds, others simply do it because it is their passion. They want to test the capacity of their body, to see how far they can go. These types of exercises, especially Triathlon, are considered a test of endurance and willpower.

Training for these sports is hard, especially when you are by yourself. You are not even sure if you’re doing it right. That is why you need the proper companion like the Polar RCX 5 to make your training session less difficult. It is a heart rate monitor unlike any others because it not only gets the heart rate itself, but also the distance, time, and pace of the athlete. This allows you to perform at the highest peak possible whether you are competing in a certain sport, or just doing it for fun. It won’t hurt that it looks sleek and stylish too so you won’t have any problems incorporating it with your sports attire.

You may be wondering why you should bother taking your heart rate while doing your activities. It is not because it looks cool; it has a deeper reasoning behind it. That is because you don’t want to compromise your safety when you exercise. An elevated heart rate in this scenario means that overexertion of your body is taking place. This is not ideal and will do you more harm than good. Aside from that, when you see that the rate is not as it should be, you’ll be prompted to consult your doctor, and this will help you become healthier.

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