Map Tools by Brooks-Range

When navigating your way through the wilderness, a GPS is a good thing to have, but a map and a Brooks-Range All in One Map Tool is better. The mapping tool has become the choice of professional and amateur outdoors men and women. A map and the ability to read it are essential for anyone who spends a great deal of time in the great outdoors.

The All in One tool was developed in 2006 by Brooks-Range Mountaineering Company for the purpose of creating a more accurate mapping tool. Up until the All in One Tool was released, most other map tools were not very accurate.

The map tools contain the combined capabilities of several mapping tools. Keeping everything in one tool is like having a Swiss Army Map Tool kit in your pocket. All the necessary navigational tools are in one place and handy when map navigation is necessary. This is essential when mapping a route as you go.

The map fits easily within a folded map or the standard field book used by mountaineering professionals and amateurs. The mapping tools are inspected by professional cartographers to assure accuracy. It is crucial, when mapping out a route and measuring slopes and distances accuracy is of the utmost importance. The Brooks-Range mapping tools are designed with the curvature of the earth taken into consideration, which gives the tool the accuracy that is necessary.

The variety of scales on the map tools will accommodate most any published topographical map including maps published in the United States, Alaska, Japan, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, and Europe. It is recommended users practice with the mapping tools at home before using them in the field. The mapping tools are meant to keep outdoors people on course, but if the tools are not used correctly, results might not be as expected.

The mapping tools were developed by Matt Brooks and the Brooks-Range Mountaineering Company, for the purpose of providing accurate mapping tools for outdoors people. Many mapping tools are 5 to 40% inaccurate which is a horrible statistic and unacceptable for long range planning, especially when navigating through the wilderness.

The mapping tools are made of plastic that can be overlaid a map, and the map is still visible beneath the map. The tools can be used in any weather, hot or cold or wet or dry. The mapping tool does not stiffen and crack or break in cooler temperatures nor will it stretch in warmer temperatures.

The tool was made for the outdoors and will stand up to the punishment outdoor activities can inflict upon it. With a little practice and map reading knowledge, using the mapping tool is a skill that will be quickly mastered.

The mapping tool by Brooks-Range provides just about all the information the user could possibly need to use. It can be used for mapping out ski trips, camping trips, hiking expeditions and just exploring the great outdoors. It is an essential piece of equipment that should always be the first thing packed.

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