Just Say No to Ugly Tablecloths

When I was growing up my mother had these terribly patterned tablecloths she would keep the entirety of my childhood. She still uses the same cloths today. I won’t go too much into the details of the patterns, I don’t want to offend anyone’s taste, but when I started seriously building my nest after college I knew I wanted beautiful tablecloths.

After searching in stores, I was disappointed by the prices and selections at most home-ware stores. I got a head ache searching for the perfect table cloths that just happened to match my budgetary restrictions. It seemed anytime I found one I liked, I’d be disappointed by the price tag.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been faced with the difficult of expensive tastes that doesn’t match my budget, so I decided to search online for something more my speed. After browsing a couple of different website I finally found one that offered exactly what I wanted, and I even found more things that I would add into the tablecloth rotation in the future.

The searching process was so much easier online. I didn’t have to go to store to store dealing with gross smelling over-perfumed stores and overly-eager customer service representatives. From the comfort of my home I could select the tablecloth that I wanted. Before I knew it the tablecloth arrived at my front door, and I hope that the quality holds up so my children can grow an aversion for my tablecloth tastes.

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