Every Day Culinary Masterpiece from Simple Ingredients

Having a high-tech kitchen has nothing to do with the way your food taste or how you prepare your food. Of course, some of the tastiest food that you’ll ever eat might come from a high-tech kitchen but the secret behind it is always the Recipes of the food that you or the other professional cooks will create. But what if you have limited ingredients in your kitchen, per say, a slice of bread, butter, a chicken thigh, some chili and coconut milk?


Not to worry because if you know how to cook and follow simple instructions or might as well get creative with what you have, then you can make spectacular Recipes of your own. In fact, some of the most interesting and tastiest foods have only 4 ingredients such as salt and pepper, lemon juice and meat. It is also your advantage if you learn to look up to those massive food lists in your library or computer where you can see the pictures, ingredients and the steps on how to cook it. Even though you have a simple kitchen or a kitchen that is equipped with high-tech appliances, cooking with simple recipe but with style makes it your culinary masterpiece.

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