Project Runway: The “Hardwear” Episode

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Are you a big fashion nut? Do you follow and watch Project Runway religiously? If yes, you must remember one of the most intriguing and creative episodes of the show ever. Entitled “Hardwear” in Season 7, the contestants were asked to shop for material that they will be using in their next project inside a hardware. Mixed emotions loomed the room where the hopefuls are. Some are ecstatic about the challenge, others are upset. You can’t blame them. How in the world are you going to put together a nice red carpet ensemble from solid steels, nails and sand paper?

There are three standouts in this episode. The one was a dress made from black and white roof material. The impeccable flow of the dress was extremely surprising to think that what she used as a fabric is rigid. Another stunning masterpiece was a wire that was turned into a blazer. It looked really futuristic and is something wearable. What made this outfit one of the best is the cheap fashion jewelry made of keys and lots of it. Different sizes and colors of the keys were used as charms of the necklace. Together with a plain and subtle dress, all that needs to be highlighted gleamed immensely. But what swept the judges of their feet is the creation of a young Fil-Am designer that made a black trash bag into leather-like jeans. It looked stunning in all aspects. Judges Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and host Heidi Klum unanimously voted for this creation as the winner of the night.

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