How to Ensure a Successful Drug Rehab Experience

According to Princeton University, the word rehab, or rehabilitation, literally means “the restoration of someone to a useful place in society.” While sometimes the word rehab is used to refer to the brief initial alcohol or hydrocodone detox phase of drug rehab, the whole process is as comprehensive as the Princeton definition suggests. Addicts and their loved ones must often choose a rehab program in stressful conditions. Here it helps to understand what to look for to choose a program with a proven track record of success.

Rehab Success

Many times loved ones believe that the addict must first be willing to stop drinking or using before treatment can work. The truth is, until the addict has gone through detox and all of the immediate and residual toxins from drugs and alcohol are gone from their body, they are unlikely to be able to be fully willing to stop. This is because those toxins will set up more cravings.

So the first step to success must be a detoxification process. This process is often very brief. Many times medication is used to stop the cravings, but the programs with the highest successful rates, like Narconon Rehab which has a 70 percent total abstinence success rate, know how to achieve detox without using more drugs.

The next step any successful rehab program offers only occurs after the addict is clean and of right mind. This is usually when they become fully willing to work hard to stay abstinent. Here is also when therapy, group discussion and self-confidence work can really have a good effect.

The final step to ensure rehab success is when the addict returns home to a full circle of support from loved ones, treatment professionals, peers and the community. For programs that include all three elements, a successful outcome is very likely.

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