Homeschooling for the Future

The creators of Evolution Homeschool have developed a curriculum that offers everything that parents who are looking to home school and children who are being home schooled are looking for. Parents can take comfort in the fact that their children are getting the attention that they deserve in the classroom, because the classroom, and children are allowed the freedom of expression which helps them to cultivate their imaginations and develop creative minds.

Kindergarten Sample Cover

First Grade Sample Cover

Kindergartener’s are a unique group which requires special considerations when it comes to how they are taught because they have short attention spans. The curriculum developed for this age group uses bright colors, animals, and familiar objects to keep children occupied, and interested in their lessons.

Kids get a jump start in the field of science as there are lessons that teach them about their body parts, different types of animals, plants, and they also beginning the learning process of how to be good stewards of the Earth. The social studies lessons coincide nicely with this as well as they also feature lessons on conserving resources.

Kids also learn that a story is more than just a story, as they begin developing their reading comprehension skills by learning how to retell a story, identify characters, pinpoint key details, and the sequential order of the stories that are used in their lessons. The use of word and pictures also help with the development of a strong vocabulary.

Second Grade Sample Cover

Third Grade Sample Cover

The Second Grade curriculum is an extension of the lower grade levels that includes lessons and exercises that further develops strong social skills in children by focusing on diversity, reasoning, and critical thinking through role playing exercises.

Reading Comprehension skills are expanded, as children learn the parts of a story and the difference between a main character and a secondary character. The Math lessons are challenging and children are introduced to their times tables.

Fourth Grade Sample Cover

Fifth Grade Sample Cover

For parents who are looking to prepare their children with the best possible education that they can get, this is the homeschooling program for you, as this has everything needed to develop creative, imaginative minds, that respect the world around them and all creatures in it.

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