Hey, Stop Touching Me

You may have heard your grandmother tell you to keep your hands out of your face, but she more than likely failed to tell you why. Well there are all sorts of legitimate reasons you should want to make sure you do not touch your face throughout the day. First of all, think about all of the things that your hands actually touch during the course of a day, and think about how many times you actually wash them. If you are like most Americans, you don’t wash your hands nearly enough, and you leave the skin on your face vulnerable when you touch it with hands that are less than clean.

If you are a person that has large pores, you probably have oily skin, and when your skin is oily your skin is more prone to contamination from environmental elements and other irritants. Your pores are there to help your body release toxins, but when they are enlarged they become nesting grounds for all sorts of bacteria naturally, so your face could really do without all of the microscopic tidbits that your hands would bring to it. The best way to protect the skin on your face from you is to purchase pore minimizing products, as smaller pores reduce the amounts of toxins and other irritants that could irritate your skin, and remember to cleanse it at least twice daily.

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