Have the Best Time of Your Life

If you are like me and you are always the one that is stuck planning the family reunion or the family vacation, you always find yourself looking for the biggest bang for the buck. Generally when I look for a vacation spot, I am looking for someplace that is fun, educational, and full of adventure.


I actually had one of the Best birthdays of my life last year. I helped my mother plan a weekend getaway for her high school class. They had a blast. The Wilson High School Class of 1965 was treated to a fun filled weekend where they visited one of the nation’s largest sports arenas. They actually got to slap hands with the players as they ran through the tunnel, at a Friday night game, and on Saturday, they spent the entire day at a national historical site, visiting the museums, taking pictures of landmarks, taking walking tours, and shopping their hearts away at all of the souvenir shops. Now you would think after all of that that those old folks would have been exhausted, but after a fantastic dinner, they were re-energized, and headed off to the mall to do some more shopping.

Now you would would think that the sports arena, and meeting all of the sports team players would have been the highlight of the trip for the Class of 1965, but it wasn’t. The one thing that they all agreed upon as their favorite part of the trip was the choice of hotel. It was located in a fantastic location, and the staff actually acted as though they were generally excited to have the group there. The staff made sure that each member of the group was comfortable, and they really wanted to hear about the civil rights marches that the group had participated in, and the stories that those who fought in the Vietnam War had to tell. They were treated like absolute royalty and that is the type of experience that everyone should have when they choose a hotel. There are any numbers of Fort Wayne Indiana hotels that are ready to pamper your family or group. So don’t be shy plan your vacation or weekend getaway today, and just like the Class of 1965, have the absolute best time of your life.

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